IT Consulting Services

Over the years, many of our clients have requested IT support from us whenever they are facing non-routine challenges in the area. While they may have in-house staff, an objective third party focus is instrumental in overcoming obstacles when these present themselves. We are proud to now offer the following services;

Implementation / Integration Services – Whether your staff is struggling with the implementation requirements from your software vender (SAP, Oracle, MS Dynamics, etc.) or you are attempting to integrate your CRM to your back office ERP, we can provide the guidance that is required.

IT Structure and Process Development – Our experts can help you design a more optimum hardware and software strategy that will provide the efficiency and security that you desire from your IT area. We can also assist in the staff selection, supplier identification and policy & procedures activities.

IT Audits – We offer customised scope audits of your existing IT functions and provide detailed action plans that should be put in place in order to obtain your desired results in terms of the company’s critical information safeguarding.

Other IT Services – Let us know if you need help with your website design & maintenance, telecommunications, security video installation, backup procedures or anything else that needs attention. We will gladly provide you with a diagnostic approach whereby we, or one of our strategic allies, will help you determine the best solution.